• Promoting Symbiotic Lifestyles

Symbiotic relationships is what Lichen Livin is all about! 

If you think about it, we're all just a bunch of complex organisms walking about this shared solid surface we call earth. If we work together we will all thrive.  


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Full Spectrum Organic Hemp, not all hemp is created equal

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We are here to help you gain health & positive momentum in your life.

We offer natural and sustainable solutions to your everyday issues through lifestyle habits, inspired mindsets, & plant medicine.

Over used, but it's so relevant and true - "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity." If what you have been doing  is not working for you, maybe it is time for a different approach. A HOLISTIC approach!

"It is not until we take the time and have the courage to get to know ourselves without judgement, or outside influence that we find our true path leading us to a lifestyle that works with and for us." - Corrie Brown

What makes us, us... 

First, let me tell you what we're not... We are not a diet plan, not a fitness program, not a quick fix, and definitely not going to offer up a magic pill or drag/shove you through your own intimate wellness journey. 

We DO offer a safe space to take a deep breath, celebrate your insecurities, express your frustrations, and take a real honest look at your lifestyle patterns to evaluate how you could better support yourself. 

We help you implement changes to your lifestyle that will sustainably support you and your goals for years to come. 

We listen, educate and connect you with the best local wellness & healing professionals that are right for you.  

We take sustainability very seriously. 

We have membership options offering both products and services that will assist you in leading a self supportive lifestyle. 

We are here to help. Just ask. 

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