So you’ve got some questions? Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself! Please note, nothing on this website is meant to treat or diagnose anyone for any ailment for any reason at any time. We are not doctors. This is our industry experience and suggestions.

For medical research and doctor opinions we suggest www.projectcbd.org


What makes us different?

  • We are a registered non-profit.

There are two businesses operating under one website right now. We are in a very exciting transitional period. Lichen Livin LLC is shifting to a manufacturer status and LICHEN co. is transitioning into being the face and platform for inspiring natural and preventative lifestyles though products and services. Lichen Livin LLC is the manufacturer of our organic full spectrum CBD product line.

  • We use all organic ingredients

So why don’t we have the USDA organic stamp? Because the process of converting organic hemp into a consumer product is not yet certifiable by the USDA. We source Colorado hemp grown using all organic practices and all other ingredients we use are USDA certified organic. There are very few farms in the country with a USDA certified organic crop. Even these certified farms are not able to use the USDA organic stamp because the process of converting raw hemp into a consumer good is not yet certifiable. We choose the most diverse lab tested cannabinoid and terpene profiles from a private collective of farmers on the western slope of Colorado. Some of these farmers do have a USDA certified crop while others do not. These farmers are however committed and passionate about only using organic practices and we trust them.

  • We care about sustainability & our earth

Living symbiotically equates to living sustainably AND we believe that environment is the largest overall contributing factor to your health and happiness. All of our products are packaged in recyclable, reusable or compostable containers. Our labels and marketing material are made from recycled material and 100% biodegradable. Our farmers are committed to sustainable farming practices. We use recycled shipping material; this leads to some inconsistency in shipping appearance but we think being sustainable is more important than being pretty. Could we dare say, “sustainable is the new pretty?”.

  • We give back

The whole underlying principle and concept behind LICHEN co. is to live #symbiotically. You get what you give in this world, folks. Since opening our doors in 2017, we have contributed over $20,000 worth of product to individuals and pets in need as well as organized charities and events. With the progression of LICHEN co. we are very excited to begin offering more free and donation based services and events focused on preventative and natural lifestyles!

  • We make our CBD products in small batches

The largest batch of product to date has been 300 units. We believe quality gets lost when scale gets too large.  It also allows our production team to offer vibrational healing through song and chant of various mantras. That’s right, we sing, dance, and bless every batch of product with an energetic offering of peace, health and enlightenment. It’s the little things, ya know?

  • We care about educating you

We do a TON of educational events and we have a TON of information on our website to help you help yourself. If you prefer to reach out and ask us your questions directly, we encourage it! Call or email us any time!

  • We are women owned and operated

That’s right; founded by a women, owned by a women, and operated by a women. We do work with a lot of men and we love them all! But we’re pretty proud to account as TWO of the 12.3 million women owned businesses nation wide.  #thefutureisfemale



“What does CBD do?”

CBD promotes homeostasis in the body by calming the nervous system. It is this basic science that explains why CBD is being found helpful for such a broad range of common health issues. When our body is at a homeostatic point, it is operating optimally and is balanced. Helping your body achieve this state with CBD (or cannabinoids) frees up your body to act intelligently and go to work on actually healing it’s self. “A heightened sense of well-being” I have heard coined by doctors.

“Will your products get me high?”

Short answer, NO.  We have had ZERO reports of anyone feeling “high” from our products. Long answer; YES our products DO have a very small amount of THC in them. If you are someone who knows you have a very high sensitivity to THC, start low and grow into your optimal dose.

“Do your products have THC in them?”

YES, they do. We do a whole plant extract. Our crop has below .03% THC, this is what qualifies it as hemp rather than cannabis. After we extract and distribute our hemp crude into your products you end up with a fraction of that. The highest THC potency in any of our products is .02% found in our 2000 mg potency option of “The Solution”, our 2 oz. organic sunflower oil tincture.

“Why do your products have THC in them?”

Because science is finding that a small amount of THC with your CBD is more effective than CBD all on it’s own. You may have heard this concept as, “The entourage effect”. What this means is that CBD is more effective in the body when it has it’s other cannabinoid and terpene friends around it. There are over 100 different cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp/cannabis plant, the healing potential of hemp is not due only to CBD and THC. Science is finding that different ratios of different cannabinoids are best for different conditions and different physical make-ups. What this means to us is that there is still a lot of research that needs to be done. In the mean time; by offering the fullest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes possible, we are offering you the highest chances of our products having the right ratio for you and all of your different conditions and all of your beautifully different physical make-ups. Not to mention, offering you a full spectrum product is keeping things as close to nature as possible and that just falls in line with our lifestyle philosophy.

“Will it show up on a drug test?”

There is definitely a possibility. There are a lot of factors that go into that; what kind of test? how often are you taking it? How much are you taking? Bottom line, there is a chance. Our suggestion if you are worried about drug tests and you signed up and agreed to have ZERO THC in your life for whatever reason, an isolate might be a better choice for you.

“What does Broad Spectrum mean?”

My understanding, “Broad Spectrum” is a new industry term to identify hemp products with more than just CBD, but without any THC.

“How much do I take?”

Short answer – Everyone is different and will require different optimal doses. I know, not what you wanted to hear. We suggest starting at 10  mg two to three times a day. “trial and observation” is what we like to say. After 800+ customer relationships we have picked up on some trends but encourage you to do your own research and take time to really pay attention to how your body is feeling for guidance. We are not doctors and nothing we ever publish is meant to treat or diagnose anyone. We do have some experience though and these are our findings.

  • Background issues – Things that are always there but life must go on. Moderate to high stress, anxiety, and body pain. The most effective choice for you is to consume CBD orally in small amounts multiple times a day. Small amounts take the edge off without making you sleepy. We get reports of folks using anywhere from 5 mg – 50 mg multiple time a day “optimal doses.” You are also going to metabolize the oil so continually giving yourself a little CBD boost a few times a day will keep a constant edge off and overtime sustainably calm your nervous system offering relief of many many many common issues.


  • SLEEP – We have a lot of folks reporting primary use of products as a natural sleep aid. 20+ mg before bed is our suggested place to start. Applying oil to the bottoms of your feet is a good choice in addition to consuming the oil orally. Might we also suggest some night time meditation to begin calming the nervous system an hour or two before bed time.


  • Severe, chronic and acute body pain – We suggest taking CBD oil orally multiple times a day as well as applying topically to painful areas. Might we also suggest learning some preventative and restorative maintenance you can incorporate into your lifestyle for quicker sustained relief.


  • Recovering from major trauma –  Things like cancer, disease, deep body trauma like car accidents. Through our experience and research it is our suggestion to use a much higher dose of CBD at one time one to two times per day. (70 -400 mg at a time) It could be described as more of a “protocol” approach. Rather than just taking the edge off, flooding your body with more cannabinoids at one time. This allows the body to reach a deeper state of relaxation on a cellular level. Not only providing physical relief but allows the body the capacity to act intelligently and go to work on restoring the deep trauma that has occurred. You are likely to get sleepy at high doses so keep that in mind. *Again, not a doctor. Just a natural wellness professional offering her opinion on what might be effective for you.*