CBD Education Tour – Day 54 : Quick update!

CBD Education Tour – DAY 54: Quick update!

I left Longmont, Colorado July 18th and headed east on a mission to enlighten as many humans as I could of the medicinal and sustainable qualities the hemp/cannabis plant yields as well as do my bests to break the stigma around cannabis by exposing the history of the crop. (Day one was a doozy, read the blog post here) My route has taken me to 19 states so far, 23 by the time I’m done in about two weeks.  To date I have done 14 scheduled presentations both public and private and countless impromptu info sessions with new friends at coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, farmers markets, campgrounds, weddings, breweries, beaches and establishments of the like.

I have made it as far as the most eastern point of Mount Desert Island, Maine (Acadia National Park) and currently sit in good spirits at a cool little collective space in Muskegon, Michigan. Tomorrow big blue and I take a 4 hour ferry ride across Lake Michigan to Manitowac, Wisconsin for my last scheduled presentation on a hemp farm in West Bend, WI at 6PM (9.12.18).  From there I am taking a jog south to hit up a farm that I just, 10 minutes ago, found out was the largest hemp grow in Wisconsin until this past weekend when they had to cut down 800 plants that tested hot. Super huge bummer. BUT if we can do anything from a loss, we can learn from it. That said, I am looking forward to absorbing some of the wisdom that inevitably had to have come from their misfortune.  Also looking forward to picking their brains about what they have learned along their hemp growing AND get this – holistic medicine practitioner journey!

From there I have one more farm to visit in WI and then pretty much just some lite and organic marketing along my yet to be decided route through Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore. (Anything really cool I must see or do in between there I’d love to hear about!) From Mount Rushmore I’m going just a bit more West but mostly South to a friends farm near Laramie, Wyoming to observe what’s going on there and hang out with some cows and horses. Continuing south from there, I will probably make a stop in Fort Collins, Colorado because I love it there and then FINALLY after a total of 64 days on the road I will get home to Longmont, Colorado on an estimated 19th of September. Two months and 1 day. What a trip!

Sorry it has taken me 53 days to write a second blog post to update ya’ll on the tour! I appreciate the folks who have reached out in curiosity asking me to write more about my travels, thank you for motivating and encouraging me! It’s been on my mind a lot to write up my experiences as I’m being asked to share more but I’m just having way too much fun living in every present moment to write about the past! Ahhh.. life is so hard. haha. To be real honest… I don’t fancy myself a writer at all, I’m a bit self-conscious about it and find it a rare occasion (outside of my journaling) that I feel intrinsically motivated to sit down and write. BUT I very much feel what I am doing with this CBD educational tour and Lichen Livin is worth sharing, so here I am 🙂

DAY 55 – And another day goes by without me posting an update. Worth the wait though! I am now aboard the S.S. Badger crossing Lake Michigan. I type these words in the midst of a hilarious bingo game taking place in the main cabin. We set sail at 9am and should get to Manitowac around noon. I will probably walk around a bit to absorb some of Wisconsin’s shorline and then get on my way to West Bend, WI where I will be delivering my last scheduled CBD educational presentation of the tour!

Thank you SO MUCH for following along and supporting me on this tour through instagram and facebook! The next blog post will include my quick takeaways, highs and lows as well as a photo gallery of the cross country tour!

All my love,







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