CBD Educational Tour! DAY 1 – I cried with strangers at a truck stop.

CBD Educational Tour!

Day 1 – I cried with strangers at a truck stop.

Not but an hour east of Denver is a little town called Bennet. Exit 299, route 70 East. I know that now, because that is where I spent 10 hours with a complete stranger, getting to know him while he replaced my fan, water pump, and thermostat at a truck stop gas station.

Yup, she was running hot so I got off to get some gas and let her cool down for a minute before I checked under the hood. The gentleman getting gas across and up the row from me noticed I was leaking some fluid from my engine. By the time I walked the length of the van to check it out, my coolant in it’s entirety had exploded onto the concrete. I laughed a little in that wide eyed, disbelief, fuckin-a kinda way at first and took some deep breaths.

In the time it took to observe the issue and soak it in for a second, the women in front of me gets out of her big truck with authority and immediately notices my predicament.

Doesn’t even take note of her own gas pump and just walks immediately to me and asks what has happened and if I am alright. “yes yes!” I assure her and begin to explain the situation. As soon as I got into where I am headed and that this is day one of a very important educational tour… I start to cry. Without hesitation the women grabs my hand to offer comfort, and eventually that becomes a hug.

The gentleman who pointed out the issue is still standing at my close ten o’clock. He chimes in with; “I’m a mechanic, let’s let your engine cool down a little and I will get my hands in there to see what needs to be done.” These two strangers wait with me while my engine cools so we get a chance to talk a little. Dona, the women full of compassion has a past as a police officer with a passion for horses, she has combined the two in her current work of ranching therapy horses for parolees. Her eyes were so clear and deep, full of wisdom and kindness; talking with her and the way that she just swept in like she did to assure me everything will be okay, it was truly as if she was an angel.

Michael, the mechanic stayed pretty quiet until the engine was safe for him to assess the situation. It didn’t take long for him to speak up when he recognized that my fan was loose and stuck, thus not blowing hot air out of the engine, causing it to overheat. “That’s fairly simple, as long as we can get the part, I can fix it for you pretty quickly.”  “What!?.. don’t you have somewhere to be? Are you sure you have time?” I asked. “Nah, I’m just on my way back home to Texas. I would be happy to help you out.” My jaw dropped and I’m sure my eyes widened. I couldn’t help but ask him if he was sure at least 12 times, but he assured me he was up for it. Overcome with gratitude, I tear up again and this time embrace my new friend, Michael.

Dona, a local I come to find, gave us directions to the closest auto part store, 5 mles up the road. She offered her well wishes, we shared another embrace and exchanged information before she took off. I moved my van away from the gas pump and then Michael and I were off on our first of what would end up being 5 trips to the auto parts store.

The auto shop did not have the part we needed in stock, BUT if we ordered it before 1 PM it could be delivered my 3PM. Sweet! So we order the part and the cashier asks for a name and number to contact when the part arrives. Michael steps up to offer his (as I still don’t have a phone due to an unfortunate crosswalk incident) and says, “Michael Brown”.. and continues to give his number. My heart stops, jaw drops, and eyes widen again…. “that is my Dad’s name” I tell him.

It’s true, I lead a very blessed and charmed life so cool coincidences are many in my world but I have never felt so provided for and taken care of by the universe in my entire life. I experienced a moment of complete lightness in my entire body and couldn’t help but shed tears of pure gratitude not only for Michael but the confirmation of my faith in the intentional relationship I have with this world.

So you already know that it was not just the fan, but the water pump, and thermostat that needed to be replaced as well. Michael worked on my van non-stop for 10 hours. If that were not enough, he insisted he wanted nothing in return and even sneakily bought me a tool kit just in case I break down again. In that 10 hours Michael and I had a lot of time to talk. We went from strangers to friends as he opened up to me and allowed himself a few vulnerable moments in sharing that he has been going through a divorce with his wife of 9 years and has two kiddos caught up in it. I undoubtedly got the better end of the deal, but I think having an ear to talk through the details of his divorce and just having the opportunity to help out a stranger in need gave his spirit a much needed smile.

It is 11 PM now and we start the van for the first time to see how she runs and watch the temperature gauge for a while before I hit road. In that time, support from the universe continues to show up in the form of another stranger offering to caravan with me through the night in case I should break down again. Just before 11:30 PM, Michael deems the van safe. I gave him one last hug and a kiss on the cheek and then got back on the road.

I drove until 4 AM when I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I took an hour nap at a rest stop then continued to drive my little heart out in an effort to get myself to my first educational presentation in Smithville, Missouri at 10 AM that morning. I was two hours late. About a dozen folks were disappointed by my not being able to get there for the presentation. I was, however, able to meet for the first time, and have lunch with a client of mine that has been using our Full Spectrum CBD oil to help with his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Connecting with him, hearing his story and learning of the life he leads and how my product is helping gave me the jolt of energy I needed to stay alert on my drive to Chicago.

Obviously it has been a much more challenging start to the 2 month CBD educational tour than anticipated but I wouldn’t change it even if I could. I live for the magic of the universe and it was so real and present those first 24 hours on the road. I feel peacefully confirmed that the energy of this world is with and for me on this tour that I am doing and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the adventure!

7 thoughts on “CBD Educational Tour! DAY 1 – I cried with strangers at a truck stop.”

  1. rob lagerstrom

    God finds us when we are down and most open to hear Him call. Then He provides a connection that helps both people. God is Love. Live blessedly! Thanks for being in the moment and sharing this beautiful interaction.

  2. Jeanell Wendeborn

    So good to read of your awesome 1st day. Yes, it sure sounds like 2 Angel’s met up with you today. And I just bet they needed you as much as you needed them.

  3. Unbelievable…..and, again, not. The universe is amazing & incidences of human kindness do abound when you’re open to receiving them. It’s unfortunate that you missed your initial sessions but, hopefully, those planning to attend were understanding. ‘Hoping that the rest of the trip is a bit less eventful but equally as inspirational!

  4. What a great story! Thank you for coming to visit. You have put a smile on our faces and in our hearts all week long. Stay safe out there. So proud of you. We have been spreading the word in an effort to send business your way and sharing the info. Sending you our best! Xoxo

  5. What a great story, I worked @ the Oasis truck stop in Hartland Michigan & the drivers became our family ,not all truck stops are trashy. It was old school maybe you know of this place ? Never any locks on the doors cuz it never closed ,just a down home feel .That’s were all the farmers brought there family’s 2 eat ,morning, noon & nite .And all the food was home made .Everyone stopped there from the surrounding areas. It was how we feed our family’s for 35 years Then the day came that a red wing player bought it ,(Darin Macarthy) it was exciting we got 2 work 4 him & got free tickets 2 the games .Then 1 day we show up 4 work & he boarded up the windows & put a fence around it .Sad sad day 4 our little village of Hartland.

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