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Thank you so much for being here! Most of you have found you way here because of our Full Spectrum Organic CBD product line, thanks for being a fan! LICHEN co. is expanding your CBD’s potential by empowering you with MORE wellness tools to assist in your healing. While CBD is a REMARKABLE tool to help you achieve balance and healing in your body, I fear it feeds the “pill mentality” that is far too prevalent in our world. We MUST understand that there is no one substance or even a combination of substances on this earth that are going to make us healthy. It is our everyday choices in food, people, places, activities and mindset that, overtime, lift us up or tear us down. 

Through services, classes, products, events, videos, and a team of wellness professionals across the country LICHEN co. is prepared to empower you with everything you need to switch into a holistic mindset and amplify your health and healing today!

Here is how it works….

Everything on the website is available to everyone regardless of membership status. The main perk, aside from the natural dopamine and serotonin “high” you get from contributing to a cause greater than yourself is DISCOUNTS!

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  1. Reading and signing the LICHEN co. Oath to Symbiotic Living. (Read the oath here!) We also suggest you print it out and post somewhere you will see it daily!
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Three options to donate and save!

  • $60.00  donation to LICHEN co. earns you 10% off all orders for a year and FREE SHIPPING on every order!
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Custom donations amounts are accepted too, don’t let us hold you back! All memberships are a yearly subscription with no obligation to donate again at the end of the 12-month subscription, but we hope you do! 

The impact of YOUR donation will enable us to positively impact more lives through continued and expanded natural and preventative wellness outreach and education. YOUR donation will enhance our ability to supply tools and materials for classes and workshops, pay for space to host events, pay speakers and instructors for their time, offset operational costs and help us acquire our own space to better serve others and our world!

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