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All about educating and promoting preventative and natural wellness!


Man, this has been coming for a lonng while. VERY excited to finally have all (most) of my thoughts together enough to communicate how I envision all this going down. LICHEN co. 5013c was registered in the state of Colorado on, —–. Today is July 23rd. 2019 and today I’m feeling Inspired and ready to commit to getting this ball rolling!

So, what is LICHEN co. all about? Symbiotic lifestyles of course! How do YOU exist within your environment? How much do you give, how much do you take? How do you treat yourself and in return, how does your body, mind, and spirit feel? LICHEN co. is the platform I have created to promote community outreach and involvement in educating on preventative and natural wellness.

HOW are we going to do this? With pizazz of course! AND Connecting our community through Events! Classes! Memberships! Resources! Science! Professionals! Tools! Products! ALL THE THINGS to promote your exploration onto a sustainable and inspired lifestyle. WOO! I’m F’ing pumped!

How do you get involved? Connect with us! Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter. Get to know us and see if we’re people you want to spend time with. Second, become a member! Membership means, first and foremost, a commitment to yourself to live symbiotically (read the oath here! All members are required to read and sign the oath) For making that commitment to yourself, we offer; discounts on products, services and events as well as preferred status when we’re choosing recipients of limited samples of new products and promotions!