Confessions of a lichen: Day 1

Happy New Year, Ya’ll! Today is the first day of 2019, and the first day of my commitment to a public diary! Ahhhh, kinda scary!! My primary reasoning for a public diary/journal is to connect to my fellow humans. I hope to offer comfort and inspiration to anyone feeling like they are alone or lost in this world. This includes myself by the way. It seems I’m constantly surrounded by people, but I still feel alone and lost from time to time, I really hope people will be able to relate to what I write. I will tell you now, I’m not going to sugar coat these posts. You can expect raw honest vulnerability as if I was writing for my eyes only. (#feelingbrave #Ihopeitsticks ) Another reason I am doing this is for an exercise in self-reflection. I have found taking time to reflect upon my daily thoughts and choices is super powerful in both the manifestation of my desires and huge for personal growth as well. Soo uhhh…Here I go!



I woke up this morning alone. Single, white, female, business owner… The same as I was yesterday. I felt just a little bit different today though. I liked it, I found myself with what I will describe as a rejuvenated sense of ambition. To me, the new year offers a clean scent of hope, an opportunity to realign yourself to what really matters and reflect upon the habits you have picked up and set down throughout the year. What was good? what was bad? How can I do better this year?

Sometimes I’m lonely and seek out company, but today I was very happy to be alone with my thoughts. I started the day with an excellent yoga class followed by a few hours of writing my New Year’s day blog post for Lichen Livin’ expressing my gratitude for where 2018 has taken me and announced my very exciting news of starting a non-profit! WOO! F’ing pumppppedd about that!! You can read that post here. It was cold today, but sunny! #colorado As usual I couldn’t sit still for more than 3 hours so I opted for a mid-day jog… got in about 4 miles I would guess? I love the contrast of the cold winter air pumping in and out of my hot lungs. Makes me feel alive. I didn’t drive anywhere or buy anything today… I love when that happens.

I ate pretty well today… Bralad for breakfast…(Kale, carrot, red onion and feta, sauteed and scrambled with two eggs and served over crisp, ecoli-free romaine) hummus, guac, tortilla chips, and cherry tomatoes for a mid-day snack/lite lunch. Topped off the night with organic mac n’ cheese with added broccoli and tomatoes for din. Probably ate too much of that… but I’m not sad about it. Could have drank more water for sure.

Overall, a huge reflecting day and a great start to 2019. More computer time than I prefer but it always feels good to get my thoughts out.  Almost 11pm here and I’m ready for bed.

Goodnight, Irene.

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