I smoke cannabis. I’m not your average stoner though. First off, I don’t think I smoke enough to be qualified as a true “stoner”. (But then again, maybe I do?… Is there a qualifying frequency?) And second, I typically work out after I smoke.

When I smoke before I run, I call it a “fun run”. I find when I “puff before I play” (because these truths apply to many activities; Yoga, swimming, biking, basketball and the likes…) it allows me to find that sweet spot of relaxing the body enough for full range of motion while engaging and challenging muscle groups mindfully. It helps me let my mind go into a meditative state where I’m not thinking about anything but the way my body is performing. My awareness of breath is heightened and I’m able to scan my body with every step. I explore and self-correct the ergonomics of my foot strike or the firing of my hamstrings, adjust the alignment of my shoulders or hips… whatever it is my body is telling me, I give myself the space to listen and respond with patience. This heightened awareness does not just present itself in the physical, the clarity of mind that comes along with this ride, to me, is priceless. The best part, I find solutions, inspirations and clear directions just appear in my emptied available mind. Almost as if they are little gifts from the universe to say, “good job, were proud of you for taking the time to connect your mind to your breath and your breath with body and body to your environment and reality”. Anyone else think that way?

Don’t get me wrong, my sober runs are pretty great too! I’d say the quieting of the mind, just overall not thinking about what I need to do after my fitness or replaying conversations that already happened or practicing conversations that are soon to come is significantly less of an issue on my “fun runs”. That, and the heightened body/mind awareness is incredible. I know, and agree that smoking anything is not the ideal of health. BUT, if smoking allows these added benefits of living in the moment and a heightened sense of awareness, well, then, I think i’m cool with it. They at least cancel each other out. Or, honestly, I feel confident I receive more positive growth from smoking before exercise than negative carcinogens from taking 3-6 puffs of cannabis before I head out. With all that said – All things in moderation, folks.

Anyway, the day has been nice. I had zero commitments to places, people, or times today so I just went at my own pace. Got my errands and fitness done early and then spent a fair amount of the day trying to not be frustrated with wi-fi connections, printers, understanding wordy paperwork and contracts, registering product keys, passwords and user names. I did a lot of behind the scene website stuff/research too. Which, I typically find frustrating as well but today I kind of enjoyed it. Perhaps because everything else was tense, website development seemed lite today? Idk… It’s going on midnight. I’ve had enough for the day.

Grateful for today, excited for tomorrow!

I will leave you with this bowl smokin’ van livin’ selfie from this past summers CBD Educational Tour up and around the east coast. I believe this was before a jog through Portland, Maine?..maybe?.. #raw #nofilter #transparent

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