Get Naked & Look Yourself in the Eyes

Get Naked & Look Yourself in the Eyes

That’s right, I challenge you to strip down and stand in-front of your full-length mirror (or whatever mirror you have) bare ass naked and without judgment. Now, take a deep breath and a good hard long look at yourself. Stare yourself in the eyes. Who are you? Who do people THINK you are? Who do you want to be?

I have noticed a theme in my recent conversations. So many of us bravely showing vulnerability when speaking about our own perceived short comings in confidence and overall life satisfaction. We have these sudden bursts of frustration, or lack of enthusiasm, we find ourselves questioning our lifestyle and asking, “is this it?”.

Let this be an exercise in grounding yourself by acknowledging yourself. If the getting naked thing isn’t going to work for you right now, fine, schedule some uninterrupted quiet time in front of your bathroom mirror. Just 10 minutes, you can do it!

Strip yourself of everything. Clothing, possession, judgments, expectations, clear your mind of “who you should be” or what you “should” look like, let EVERYTHING go. Now, look at yourself with fresh eyes. Really look with the intent of discovery, like you have never seen yourself before. Get close and look at your individual pores, the lines, the scars… Look deeply into your own eyes the way you would to someone you love more than anything in the entire world and ask, “how are you?”. And then listen.

Root down through the edges of your feet with a slight bend in your knees, breathe into the pit of your stomach, rise up through the crown of your head, feel yourself deeply and wholly and listen to the answers your soul has to the questions you ask.

Ask the tough questions. Be vulnerable to the answers you are scared to face. Cry, laugh, yell… whatever satisfies you in that moment, let it out, let it go. Free yourself of the inner chaos and confusion. Ask your soul for the insights you desire. Take as much time as you need or can afford and just discover and listen to your inner wisdom.

If the answers you seek don’t come right away, that’s okay. Pay attention to your intuition, to the emotions that arise, if you’re drawn to touch your body and where, really relish in the freedom of mind and soul and genuinely be open and accepting to whatever arises. By taking this time to mindfully connect with your inner wisdom it opens the doors for more mild day to day, minute to minute connections that will help you be grounded and certain of yourself while taking on life.

This world we live in moves way too fast for us to process every little thing that comes our way. All of these little influences hit us day in and day out and luckily, we are resilient creatures, but our environments slowly change us. We adapt, and that is a good thing! However, we start building these layers of defense that begin to harden us and slowly remove us from our true, core-self.

Being out of touch with our core-self or “truth” causes uncertainties in the simplest of decisions and shows through our level of confidence we share with the world. Stand tall, strong and certain in your existence! The world doesn’t need any more half-assed humans, take on the responsibility of figuring out who you are and shine bright!

Be confident. You are perfect just the way you are.


With Love,


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