Happy New Year! We started a non-profit!

Happy New Year! We started a non-profit!

What. a. YEAR!

There were highs there were lows, laughter and tears. A lot of personal growth and a lot of growth for Lichen Livin LLC. We started a product line, traveled to 23 states educating on all things CBD/cannabinoids from hemp and cannabis, bought two cars, moved into a new home office, registered a PO BOX, registered for my yoga teacher training (starting January 4th and I’m PUMPPEDD!), made lots of new friends, collected over 500 clients and i’d like to think, improved and inspired a lot of lives along the way. This has been the first FULL year of Lichen Livin and I could not be more grateful and thrilled about where we have been and where we are going!

Reflecting upon this past year my eyes start filling up with tears. Two years ago at this time I was at a breaking point. I was doing what I had to do to support myself, while about to burst if I didn’t start listening to my intuition and soul yelling at me to use my natural gifts and passion for living well to help my fellow man. It has taken and continues to take a lot of courage, self-trust, alone time, and reflection to direct my being toward a symbiotic relationship with my environment. What does that even mean? It means, I do what I love and find fulfilling everyday and in return I receive everything I need to support myself. A unique and thoughtful balance of give and take between me and my world. This is the simple principle Lichen Livin was founded on and I am proving to myself that it really can work. I wish this kind of alignment and balance for every living being.

2019 has some BIG things in store! To be honest, I never meant to start a product line… I followed my passion, belief and excitement for the hemp plant and found myself intrinsically motivated to set up educational presentations to enlighten my community. Folks started asking me about products which lead to a curiosity that was first explored in my own home kitchen. As word spread and demand grew I moved into a commercial kitchen, acquired a sales tax ID, and here we are!  While I am not sad at all about where this gust of inspiration has taken me, I believe (know) that no single substance on this earth is going to make any of us sustainably happy and healthy. Rather, it is our daily choices and mindset that will achieve this. That said, Lichen Livin was always meant to improve the lives of others and I believe we have, but we can do better. And we will in 2019.

I am VERY excited to announce that the start of the new year is also the start of the non-profit entity, LICHEN inc! WOO! I have wanted the business to be a non-profit from the start but was highly urged by people I trust and respect to start an LLC first to have a way to fund the non-profit. So I did. But, like I said, I want to do more to influence health and healing than just offer another “pill” to feel good. Hemp/ CBD/cannabis/cannabinoids should be thought of as just a natural tool to assist you on your path to sustained well-being. As much as I believe in my products, in truth, it is just another band-aid hiding the scab of a FACT that a lot of the issues we are all using CBD oil for can also be improved upon with lifestyle and mindset changes.


LICHEN inc. is still being finalized, but formed as a member based non-profit all about educating and assisting our community on their path to natural and sustained well-being. With a focus on recovery and preventative health and healing LICHEN inc. will offer both services and products. There will be much more to come on this exciting venture very soon!

2018 was not perfect, I fell on my face a few times but I’ve gotten back up each time and have learned a lot. Some things you can expect from Lichen Livin in 2019:

  • A great attitude
  • CBD membership options/subscriptions
  • Formation of LICHEN inc. (501 c3)
  • Newsletters. Sign up here!
  • New Products
  • More giving back
  • More community involvement
  • More collaboration with other awesome businesses
  • More LOVE

Overall, aside from the toxic and disheartening political turmoil, 2018 was not awful. History will remember 2018 as a turning point for the resurgence of the hemp plant and my enthusiasm for my work stems from it’s wake. Watch out world, I’m really digging the shoes this universe has laid before me and I’m about to lace them up and dance my way through 2019!

A giant THANK YOU to each and every one of you beautiful humans who has supported me this past year. I am forever grateful for your trust and promise to always conduct myself and my business practices with integrity and morality for all beings.

Peace out, 2018! Love you long time!




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