Happy New Year Newsletter!

Holy moly! Where did this year go!? I promised newsletters and membership options at the beginning of this year and here we are in December with your FIRST newsletter AND membership announcements! Better late than never? 

So, our first newsletter of the year will also be our last newsletter of the year. At least we didn’t inundate you with emails though, right? 


  • We started the year off strong with registering our non-profit, LICHEN co. for the purpose of educating communities on preventive and natural wellness. With your help, we hope to be even more active in our community outreach efforts in 2020!
  • In February we offered lavender infused dark chocolate CBD squares for Valentine’s day. You all seemed to like that, should we do that again?
  • We started accepting credit cards in March only to be shut down by June. Whhaaat? Why you ask? Well, the only credit card processing company federally approved to accept hemp money was shut down because they were sneaking in cannabis payments. #notcoolguys We WILL accept credit cards again (soon, we hope!) but our small business just simply can not afford the 6-9% transaction fees of a “high-risk” processor at this time. Regulations at the federal level are changing and we hope this opens up a fair processing market for us soon. Until then, we really appreciate you dealing with the hassle of checks, PayPal and Venmo. THANK YOU!
  • We put another tool in the ol’ holistic tool box earning a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification!
  • We were voted by the people, “Best CBD in Golden, Colorado”!! THANK YOU!!
  • We expanded into a larger office space in Olde Town Arvada, CO! VERY EXCITING!
  • We have opened up several new wholesale accounts across the country! Let us know if you have a local shop that you would like to see our products in!
  • We have participated and presented at several educational and promotional events both public and private. Every event is different; some have structured time for an educational presentation while others are more expo style meet, greet and sample at our booth. Some events include a “make and take” deal where we discuss CBD along with natural and preventative wellness while putting together a custom CBD product for yourself or a friend. ALL of these events help us connect with our customers and educate on how to maximize the use of your CBD products for your specific needs. Get at us if you would like to set something up with us!
  • VERY excited to announce that we launched a new product! If you have not met already, please allow me to introduce, “FACE”! A regenerative and balancing face serum for all skin types! It’s name is FACE, but not limited to just your face. This product is safe and awesome for all parts of the epidermis that need some regeneration and balancing. e.g. dry elbows, cracked heels, and scars. Click on the product pic below to learn more! 

Woo! It’s been a great year and we could not have done it without the support of each and every one of YOU, our awesome and loyal customers, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

FACE is everything you would look for in a restorative, nourishing and balancing face serum and then we added 250 mg of full spectrum organic CBD!
All organic ingredients: Avocado oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, argan oil, full spectrum CBD from hemp, rosemary oil. 
What you can expect to come in 2020!

We are SO EXCITED about all of the awesome things we have planned for 2020! First and foremost, our non-profit, LICHEN co. (501 c3) is taking over the service and retail of Lichen Livin LLC.  Lichen Livin will be transitioning into our CBD manufacturing company while LICHEN co. emerges into the face of everything we do! What this means for you is that your CBD purchases are now contributing to a non-profit that forwards your money into outreach and education of preventative and natural wellness! You can expect some re-branding throughout our website and slight changes to our product packaging but don’t worry, the products themselves are staying consistent with what you’re used to.

We are expanding our reach of the raw hemp extract we use to create our CBD products! While we have been sourcing from one wonderful local farm which grows one wonderful strain of genetics, we are branching out to other local farms and here is why: Science has identified around 114 different cannabinoids (not just CBD and THC) in the hemp/cannabis plant. We also know that it is unique combinations of these 114+ cannabinoids (and terpenes) that are being found to be most effective for different conditions AND different physical makeups. That leaves SO MANY variables! So, our thought process is that by including a wider variety and abundance of different cannabinoids and terpenes in our products the more likely our products are going to have the “right” cannabinoid ratio for YOU… and YOU… and YOU! Ya dig?! By mixing a variety of hemp crude concentrates yielding different cannabinoid profiles we will be creating a sort of “super hemp” that will have a higher probability of meeting YOUR individual needs and we are STOKED! This is a work in progress as we are still hunting down the best crops and genetic profiles but you can look forward to your products getting a cannabinoid boost in early 2020!

That’s right, we have been formulating TWO new products! It has been found that small consistent doses of CBD are most effective. It has also been communicated that customers struggle to remember to consume multiple doses per day. SO, what are things that most people already do everyday that we could add CBD to?
1. Deodorant
2. Breath Mints

Yup, we are infusing your deodorant and breath mints with our Full Spectrum Organic CBD! Why deodorant? Our armpits are one of the most absorbent points of our body and applying it daily is already part of most peoples daily routine. BOOM! Just like that, you get your morning CBD dose without even thinking about it. Why mints? Because who doesn’t like mints? Delicious, refreshing and conveniently pre-dosed with 10 mg of CBD to get your afternoon or anytime minty fresh chill on.

Same great  products, higher potency options!  Easy as that. Look for potency options on the website in early 2020!

It takes so much more than simply adding a supplement to your routine to feel truly vibrant. We are excited to announce that we are adding a variety of wellness tools to our shop page! Everything from tangible goods like dry brushes and stone rollers to information and inspiration on how to maximize the use of your CBD by assisting with other alternative wellness modalities!

Communication is key in any relationship. We value the relationship we have with you and are very sorry for not communicating with you more via email newsletters this past year. Something you should know, when I say “we” I mean me, Corrie Brown and a handful of wonderful volunteers that help out from time to time. I don’t believe in excuses so I wont make any. However, I will tell you that I  have asked for and received the help I have been needing and look forward to having more capacity to serve you better in 2020! We are going to commit to a quarterly newsletter but in between those, facebook and Instagram are the BEST ways to keep up with us!


We have been contemplating membership options for quite a while now. My apologies to keep you all waiting but we wanted to do it right and be sure to maximize this offering to it’s fullest extent! While CBD is a REMARKABLE tool to help you achieve balance and healing in your body, I fear it feeds the “pill mentality” that is far too prevalent in our world. We MUST understand that no one substance or even a combination of substances are going to make us healthy. It is our everyday choices in food, people, places, activities and mindset that, overtime, bring us up or tear us down. There is not a truer statement than that, it’s just the facts, folks. This is why every membership starts with a signed commitment to yourself! To love yourself for all that you are and to hold yourself accountable for making the daily choices that will bring you to your optimal health, happiness and ultimately your highest purpose and potential. Yes, perhaps a little manipulative on our part, but it is because we love you. You’re welcome. So, what do you get for simply pledging to be mindful of your day to day choices, you ask? Well, besides igniting the intentional living fire under your bottom and the dopamine and serotonin release you get from contributing to a cause greater than yourself, discounts of course! Here is how it works….

Choosing any membership option requires two things:

  1. Reading and signing the LICHEN co. Oath to Symbiotic Living. (Read the oath here!) We also suggest you print it out and post somewhere you will see it daily!
  2. A donation to our non-profit, LICHEN co. (Learn all about our mission here!)  

Three options to donate and save!

  • $60.00  donation to LICHEN co. earns you 10% off all orders for a year and FREE SHIPPING on every order!
  • $100.00 donation to LICHEN co. earns you 15% off all orders for a year and FREE SHIPPING on every order!
  • $150.00 donation to LICHEN co. earns you 20% off all orders for a year and FREE SHIPPING on every order!

Custom donations amounts are accepted too, don’t let us hold you back! All memberships are a yearly subscription with no obligation to donate again at the end of the 12-month subscription, but we hope you do! 

The impact of YOUR donation will enable us to positively impact more lives through continued and expanded natural and preventative wellness outreach and education. YOUR donation will enhance our ability to supply tools and materials for classes and workshops, pay for space to host events, pay speakers and instructors for their time, offset operational costs and help us acquire our own space to better serve others and our world!

Wooo, that was a lot, thanks for hanging with me! In closing of this newsletter and 2019, I want to express my DEEPEST gratitude for your business and support of what we do! 1000 x THANK YOU!! We are small but mighty, growing every day and remain faithful that if we continue to do what we love, you will continue to love what we do. Thank you for allowing us to do what we love. We wish that same fulfillment for you everyday and look forward to helping you achieve it in 2020!May your holiday and every day be bright!Much love,
Corrie Brown


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