LICHEN co. Oath to Symbiotic Living

Today,_____________, I,____________________am making a commitment to myself!

    • I vow to protect, nourish and celebrate myself every day. I understand that when I take care of myself I am taking care of those around me.
    • I vow to be conscious of my every day choices in foods, people, places, and activities and will strive to only choose those which are supportive of my ultimate well-being.
    • I vow to hold myself accountable to live in the present moment and will not let regret of the past or anticipation of the future rob me of my peace, today.
    • I vow to be reflective of my lifestyle and make a conscious and sustained effort to make positive changes to areas I find harmful or unhealthy.
    • I understand that there is not a single pill or substance on earth that is going to make me healthy or happy. Rather, it is the accumulation of my daily choices, routines and mindset that will bring me sustained health and happiness. 
    • I vow to recognize greatness in others and express my gratitude with abundance. I vow to approach all situations and all living beings, including myself with kindness, love, patience and compassion.
    • I understand that my mind is the most powerful tool I have and by controlling it, I control my reality.
    • I vow to be the best human that I can be and make choices, every single day, that bring me closer to my highest purpose and potential without negatively impacting, harming or deceiving others. 
    • I accept that I am human and imperfect. I vow to be patient with myself and not ashamed to ask for help from friends, family and professionals along the way.

Take a moment to list any personal goals, intentions and affirmations. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature:_____________________________ Date:_________________


Download, read, print & sign! We recommend you print out and post somewhere you will be reminded of your commitment daily like your refrigerator or mirror!

LICHEN co. Oath word doc.

LICHEN co. Oath PDF doc.