The LICHEN co. Commitment to Yourself

Welcome and CONGRATS on taking a very powerful step towards leading an intentional lifestyle! “The Commitment” is one of TWO steps to becoming  a LICHEN co. member and earning 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on every order.

By entering your name and submitting this form you are making a commitment to yourself! Please read and check each commitment to yourself that you agree with. We encourage you to add a few mantras, affirmations, or goals unique to your own needs and desires at the bottom. This exercise in intentional living can take as quick as 1 minute or as long as you would like. We recommend you take some time with this and let it all sink in, be reflective, be honest and be real with yourself.

After we receive both your commitment to yourself and your $70.00 donation, you will be emailed with membership confirmation and a coupon code unique to your membership account.  With that code you will receive 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on every order you place! 

YES,  you  are more than welcome, encouraged even, to submit this commitment to yourself even if you don’t care to make a donation and become a member.

THANK YOU so much for supporting our mission and your commitment to becoming the best version of yourself! We are excited to be a part of your wellness journey and again, SO GRATEFUL for your support in our mission to inspire preventative and natural wellness world wide!