LICHEN co. is a registered Colorado non-profit formed to provide access, awareness and education of natural and preventative health and healing.


Thank you so much for being here!

When I started Lichen Livin in 2017 my mission was to help my fellow human find sustained health through natural and preventative means. Long story short, I became very interested in CBD and ended up living on an organic hemp farm for a year. That experience sprung me into a nation wide “CBD Education Tour” and the creation of the Full Spectrum Organic CBD product line. While CBD is an incredible natural healing tool, there is SO MUCH MORE that could be helping you on your natural healing journey! 

LICHEN co. is the donation based platform I have created to educate and encourage a broad range of natural and preventative healing modalities. All content and educational opportunities are FREE but we do hope you find it in your heart to donate if you’re able. I have been very poor, I get it. If I can do anything about not letting money stand in the way of someone’s quest to better themselves through natural and preventative healing, I will do it. That is why everything we offer is FREE! However, there is still a cost paid by us, the practitioners offering our services so if you CAN donate, it’s SO MUCH appreciated. 


 Lichen Livin offers 20% OFF + Free Shipping on every order for a year with a donation to LICHEN co. of $60.00 or more!


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