LICHEN co. is a registered Colorado non-profit formed to provide access, awareness and education of natural and preventative health and healing.


Thank you so much for being here!

Helping others while helping yourself, that’s called a “win-win” or what we like to call, #symbiotic. You get what you give in this life, folks. This basic concept of symbiosis or mutual give and take is the foundation and operational principle LICHEN co. is built upon and practices.

We believe in people over profits and we believe finances should NOT be a barrier to achieving your greatest health and vitality. This is why all of our services are donation based and 100% of profits are donated to worthwhile causes. Whatever we get, we give! 

Donations and volunteers are what make our mission possible. If you are in a position to give and feel so inclined, you can make a donation of any amount at any time. If you are interested in offering your time or services, we would LOVE to hear from you! 


 Lichen Livin offers 20% OFF + Free Shipping on every order for a year with a donation to LICHEN co. of $60.00 or more!


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The Commitment to Yourself