LICHEN co. is a registered Colorado non-profit formed to educate & inspire preventative & natural lifestyles!


Thank you so much for being here!

Helping others while helping yourself, that’s called a #winwin or what we like to call “symbiotic”. I mean, if you’re going to spend money on your own health and wellness, why not get discounts and know that your purchase is contributing to the well-being of others too?

Lichen co. is a membership based non-profit with a  mission to educate and inspire preventative and natural lifestyle choices. We do this by getting involved with our community as well as offer virtual experiences for people around the world! 

Through products, services, classes, events, videos, and a community of wellness professionals across the country, LICHEN co. is prepared to empower you with everything needed to shift into a holistic mindset and amplify your health and healing for years to come.

Become a Member!




Here is how it works…

You make a donation, we give you discounts and free shipping! Sound good? 


Membership requires TWO things:

  1. A one time donation of $70.00 to LICHEN co. 

  2. Read + Sign + Submit the LICHEN co. “Commitment to yourself”. Read the commitment here!


What you receive for being a member:

  • Save 15% + FREE SHIPPING on every order

  • Option to save another 5% by setting up a shipment schedule for your year in advance. (learn more here)

  • Occasional members only sales + freebies

  • Discounts on services

  • Good vibes for taking care of yourself WHILE contributing to someone else’s health and well-being too! #symbiotic


Where does your donation go?

An offshore account in Switzerland. HA, Just kidding!

YOUR donation will go directly toward outreach in educating communities on preventative and natural wellness. YOUR donation WILL enhance our ability to supply tools and materials for classes and workshops, pay for space to host events, pay speakers and instructors for their time, offset operational costs and help us acquire our own “wellness farm” to better serve others and our world!


The details:

Your $70.00 donation qualifies your membership discounts for ONE YEAR.

No commitment to donate again, but we hope you do!

Custom donation amounts are accepted. If $70 just doesn’t feel like enough or maybe it seems like too much, custom donation amounts are accepted. Every bit helps! Email for how to make custom donations.


The Commitment to Yourself