Life on the Hemp Farm Cooperative

Life is rough guys… send help.  DEC/5/2017

I currently live alone in a three bedroom house on a hemp farm cooperative.

I have all of the organic and garden fresh foods anyone could hope for.

The people here are beyond generous, kind, &  inspiring.

A chef comes and cooks 1 – 3 times a week.

Massage therapists twice a week.

The mission is SO pure of heart.

A cleaning lady comes once a week.

The day starts around 8, sometimes 9am.

I get to wear “play clothes.”

Most days, the labor is enough to qualify as a workout.

I get to work with new volunteers everyday and hear their stories.

unlimited (yet self regulated) amounts of  organic CBD oil.

We go out to nice dinners and events on occasion.

private stash J’s flow like wine.

No Boozin’ allowed.

We harvested over 10,000 plants.

The work is TRULY and NATURALLY helping people (and pets!) live better lives.

Did I mention the people are amazing? One olympian/rolfer/communications master/Ayurveda guru. While the other, a sharp older gentleman; solar engineer/farmer/genetics man/machine builder and operator. Both share a life focus of sustainability and wellness.

I don’t pay rent.

I don’t buy food.

All of my necessities are taken care of.

All of this in trade for my time.



And now we’re in Boulder!

The entire experience of living within an organic hemp farm workers cooperative was such an enlightening and educational experience! I am so SO blessed and karmically guided sometimes it is unreal. Through the summer months I was primarily outdoors with the plants and the four other delightful “interns” living about the property. We watered, transplanted, trimmed, mixed soil, organized, taught and learned from volunteers and one another. I did a share of cooking and cleaning, just like everyone else.  After harvest, (which I ended up missing due to my awesome sister getting married in Wash DC!) my role, because there were no plants to tend to, evolved into more of an on call laborer and administrative/volunteer coordinator type deal. I did odd farm hand jobs, inventory, packaging, as well as set them up with some databases, forms, protocol, and accounts. I did my very best to sponge in everything I had the pleasure of being a part of! Then, I spread my wings and flew to Boulder, “The happiest city in the America.” Forbes said it, so it must be real..

Is it though? Personally, I think Golden is where it’s at. Boulder is pretty great though and has been a perfect central landing point for Lichen Livin to work out of! Did you know there is an express bus from Boulder to Fort Collins for $1.25!? I feel like I’m stealing every time.

Since moving into a cozy apartment in North Boulder, I have taken a two and a half week tour about Michigan. It. was. awesome. THANK YOU! To all who took the time to come to see me at my CBD event or meet ups, reached out with your curiosity and support of my new biz, for all the gym passes, and especially all who drove, fed, and sheltered me while I was home, THANK YOU.

Aside from my Michigan trip, I have been busy catching up with clients, putting myself out there to pick up new clients, and setting up my wholesale accounts with the resources they need to sell CBD oil successfully. My biggest take away from living on the hemp farm is that there is A LOT of education that needs to be done around the subject of CBD and medicinal cannabis. Recognizing this has left me intrinsically motivated to set up CBD education and wellness events. So that’s what I’ve done! I have one on Feb 21st in Fort Collins, Community Wellness Open House and another on the 28th in Denver! CBD Lattes & Learn . I have also been busy working on two different CBD blends to incorporate into the product line! More to come on that VERY soon!! #fullspectrumproducts

Thanks for following my story! Check out Lichen Livin facebook or Lichen Livin website to see more of what I am doing and how you or your loved ones can benefit from living a holistic and natural lifestyle!  (photo cred:Rob Lagerstrom)

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Life on the Hemp Farm Cooperative”

  1. Jeanell Wendeborn

    Sounds wonderful Corrie! I was recently told after a trip to the ER after a cortisone shot I might try CBD. I have degenerative kneecap but wonder am I allergic to cortisone?!

  2. Oh no, what makes you think you are allergic to cortisone?? Regardless of if you are allergic or not, you should definitely try CBD oil! I myself and so many others are finding body pain relief from CBD! AND it is NATURAL! Our bodies are truly meant to have this stuff, did you know we have an endocannabinoid system? And we produce endocannabinoids naturally in our body? Maybe we can do coffee or lunch sometime soon and talk about it? Also, very interesting that you brought up cortisone as I was just thinking this morning at the gym of writing a blog post about my cortisone experience. I’ll give you the short version – I have had over 10 cortisone shots in the nerve sacks around my lower spine. I was told there are no known negative side effects of getting the injections. I have not had a shot since 2011 as my lifestyle is far less physically demanding as it was when I was a playing basketball as my full time job. Now, 7 years later my lower back feels unreasonably “locked up” if you will… not so much on a tender bone level, but the supportive tissues around my low spine feel old and dried up and stuck. Anyway, I will be honest and say that I have not looked into other peoples experience with cortisone injections but that is mine. I hope your knee is feeling better and lets get you some CBD oil to try real soon!

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