Lady Jane’s – CBD pet treats

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Now Available in Four Sizes!

CBD pet treats for animal wellness.

Pets are family! These heart shaped treats are not only tasty but healthy! Gluten-free, vegan, and organic. Each treat has 4 mg of CBD. Made with love and named after my very first best friend, Lady Jane.

4 Options available

  • 4 treats (sample size)
  • 20 treats
  • 40 treats
  • 60 treats

Ingredients: Oat flour, molasses, oat bran, coconut oil, CBD, Guaranteed analysis = crude protein 9%(min) crude fat 14%(min) crude fiber 1.8%(min) 4.4%(max).

FAST FACT – Pets have 36 times more cannabinoid receptors than humans! This makes CBD extremely effective for our furry friends! 



9 reviews for Lady Jane’s – CBD pet treats

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I’ve shared Lichen Livin’s Lady Jane’s CBD Pet Treats with have thanked me. These treats have worked wonders (or as others have said “miracles”) for dogs (anxiety, digestive issues and arthritis pain), cats (pieces of the treats and the oil given for occasional anxiety and craziness) and even a few farm animals (including “saving the life” of a senior goat that had developed a bad temperament). With the Lady Jane CBD pet treats and oil, the goat’s mellowed out and is one of my favorite animals to visit at the farm. I highly recommend these treats for pets and other animals – large and small.

  2. Barbara Bell (verified owner)

    I’ve given these to my two dogs when they are feeling anxious and they work well and they love the taste. When my daughter adopted a very anxious dog who was waking them up several times a night to go out, I offered her one to try. Her pup loved it, and my daughter got the first full nights sleep in months! Thank you!

  3. Reid D. (verified owner)

    Dogs love the treats!! I have a dog with diagnosed behavioral aggression and these are nice little natural calmers for him throughout the day.

  4. Elizabeth Crawford (verified owner)

    Henry & Elliott love these! Their frisky play time has increased with more loving play than angst! And their outside time is not just doing their business and rushing for the door as they are exploring and playing more -(weather permitting)! Love everything🤗 Thanks bunches!💐

  5. Kamaria D. (verified owner)

  6. Ann Diaz (verified owner)

    Very excited to have these in stock. Paired with a tennis-themed dog bandanna … I mean, this is a win-win for our store. Mostly customers like the idea that just one treat can calm a nervous dog when company’s coming, for example, and for the upcoming fireworks season.

  7. Christina L. (verified owner)

    They seem to be helping my babies with their anxiety

  8. Theresa Cross (verified owner)

    My husband and I came across these, at that time, ladies in Old Town Arvada during peak Covid 19. We got the Lady Jane’s treats to try on our dogs (they get wicked thunderstorm and firework anxiety). I can honestly say that these things are amazing. If you’re just browsing and are not sure if they will work: don’t. They do. And they keep fresh as long as you make sure the bag stays closed. Like I said, we got these in either 2020 or 2021 and I am just now buying more in May 2023.

    These are honestly AMAZING! I give my 90 lb German Shepherd 1 full treat and then my other 3 Dachshund mixes half of one and it works it’s magic. 👍

  9. Elizabeth Crawford (verified owner)

    Love Lady Jane! Then & Now!❤💕 these biscuits save the day! Thanks so much😘

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 7.5 in
pet treat sizes

16 mg CBD (4 treats), 160 mg CBD (40 treats), 240 mg CBD (60 treats), 80 mg CBD (20 treats)

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