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Dry brushing originated in India over five millennia ago as a tenet of Ayurveda, the medical system of ancient India. While you can dry brush any time of day, we suggest before a shower or bath to reap the most benefits.

  • Exfoliates. Dry brushing stimulates collagen production, which will thicken the skin. It also unclogs pores, draws out impurities, balances skin tone, and leaves pores ready to absorb nourishing oils and lotions.
  • Detox. Our lymphatic system is the body’s natural detox center. Dry bushing offers a boost in helping our lymph system eliminate toxins from the body as well as flood cells with nutrients.
  • Circulation. Dry brushing stimulates circulation which oxygenates the skin and improves elasticity, lift, tone, and makes the skin glow all over.

Starting at your feet, use long, smooth brush strokes, always moving up and in, toward your heart. This supports the body’s natural circulation and lymphatic drainage patterns. Spend a little extra time on joints, cellulite, and anywhere you feel tension or stagnation. Make sure to keep the brushing pattern long and straight, no circular motions. The pressure should be super light, since the bristles are quite rough, and you don’t want to scratch your skin in any way. This is also why you never want to brush skin after a shower or if you’re damp with sweat; wet skin is more sensitive and therefore, prone to scratches and scrapes. Never dry brush your delicate face. The whole process should take about two to five minutes.

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