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I will help you get your life on a track that works with and for you. This services is for those ready and willing to enhance their existence.

Hi, thanks for being here! My name is Corrie Brown, I’m the creator of Lichen Livin LLC and LICHEN co. Both entities have been formed as the platform for me to live my best life. Inspiring and guiding my fellow human to live their best life is my greatest kick. Please, let me inspire you!

One hour with me will begin shifting your energy and by the end of the month you will be well on your way to sustained vibrant health and spirit.

We will wrap up our virtual or in person first meeting with a gratitude and a mutual commitment to reflect upon our time together. You will journal or meditate on our encounter while I absorb the truths you share with me and thoughtfully curated a plan for you.

Within the week, we will spend another 30 minutes to an hour together going over “The Plan”. Upon our second meetings end, your initial consultation concludes and you are free to apply The Plan as you see fit.

I will check in with you in one months time to see how things are going. At this time you can choose to dive deeper with me or tread your waters solo.

What you get:

  • Three meetings totalling 3-4 hours of one on one time with a natural wellness professional.
  • A thoughtfully curated plan to enhance your existence.
  • Opportunity for continued guidance at an hourly rate.
  • Privilege to mixed media resources promoting your greatest vitality.



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