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Small Pet Bundle Deal

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What’s included:

1 x 250 mg CBD tincture (1 oz.)

1 x 20 treat bag of Lady Jane’s CBD Pet Treats

Bundle up and save!

Bundling our CBD pet treats with our CBD pet oil will make sure you are covered for anything that comes at your pet with the added bonus of saving money! Our treats are a great choice for a 4 mg pre-dosed tasty treat for your pet while the oil makes it easy to give a higher dose by applying oil to food or treats. The oil also makes it easy to get your pet the benefits of CBD by applying topically. For instance; Applying topically can be helpful if your pet has a skin condition, helping a wound heal, or relief of achy joints by rubbing oil directly to said achy joint. For a more systemic response without your pet actually consuming CBD you can rub our oil on the inside of their earlobe (*Do NOT drop into ears*) Apply to your fingers first and then gently rub their earlobe until oil is absorbed.

Pet Dosing Guidelines

We suggest you start low and grow. 1 mg CBD for every 10 lbs of pet is a good place to start. Observe your pet after giving them CBD and adjust dosage from there. Don’t be afraid to give your pet “too much” as there are no adverse side effects. Worse case scenario if your pet has too much, they will get sleepy and their stool might get a little soft.  Please note – hemp has biphasic properties which means high and low doses have opposite effects; small doses tend to be more uplifting while large doses tend to be more relaxing/sleep inducing. That said, your high anxiety pet will probably need a higher dose to calm them than your achy pet will need to find body pain relief.

Let us know how you use our products and what works for you and your pets!

*All Organic Ingredients

Lady Jane’s CBD Pet Treat Ingredients: Oat flour, molasses, oat bran, coconut oil, Full Spectrum CBD from Hemp. Guaranteed analysis = crude protein 9%(min) crude fat 14%(min) crude fiber 1.8%(min) 4.4%(max).

Lady Jane’s CBD Pet Oil Ingredients: Organic sunflower oil, Full Spectrum Organic CBD from Hemp.


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