It’s all about that Symbiotic life, friends! To live like lichen is to give what you’re able because YOU are stronger when your COMMUNITY is supported. #facts.

We’re a small business but we give what we’re able in a variety of ways!

Quarterly commitments to giving. Every quarter we partner with a different non-profit to bring awareness of their mission to our audience as well as donate a portion of our profits to their cause.

On-going commitments to giving. With every purchase of our FACE restorative oil, we donate one to a domestic abuse or recovery home.
We also provide some of our non-profit partners with their own coupon codes for anyone, anywhere to use at any time. Every time a customer uses their code a portion of that sale is donated back to the corresponding charity. Check out the amazing charities we have partnered with in the past and be sure to use one of their coupon codes at check out to save you money and support a great cause!

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