Rule #1 – Zero Fucks Given

I’m not a big fan of rules, but I do have a couple I like to keep in mind.

I say, “zero fucks given” and people seem pretty taken back by it. “But you seem to care so much, Corrie?!” And I do, I give all the fucks. I care about you, the environment, myself, the animals, our food system, I care about a lot of things. Rule #1 applies to your own intimate journey of finding and living your truth.

If you have consciously been walking your own path of self-enlightenment and improvement, you have most DEFINITELY had some awkward maybe painful and scary transitions of leaving old behaviors, mindsets, people, beliefs, places and habits in the past. Yes? You have also probably experienced some anxiety, insecurities and fears in trying new things that you feel might serve you in a positive way. Yes? (If not, I’m going to need you to try harder.) It is HARD to leave comfort zones and it takes COURAGE to look like a fool in trying new things. This is where Rule #1 applies.

There comes a time that we recognize certain things are no longer serving us and the risk of continuing with these people, places, behaviors is greater than the risk of entering the unknown. THIS is when it is necessary to give zero fucks and do what you need to do and say what you need to say because THIS (that moment of clarity) is gold. This is called living your truth and this is everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I very much encourage grace and tact through this process. In fact, let’s make that; “Rule #2 – Grace and tact in all situations”. I know “zero fucks given” sounds a little aggressive, but it has to. It has to because the concept of it has to match and exceed the fear around making the changes your soul knows you need. Be brave, take a deep breath, and have faith in knowing you are doing what is best for you AND when you are taking care of yourself (mind, body, spirit) you are taking care of everyone else around you. It is not always easy, but it is your responsibility and in my opinion, living your truth is the highest form of self-respect.

On the lighter side of this rule, and the most frequently applied in my own life is in exercise. Honestly, I should probably give a few more fucks about what I look like when I exercise… but, I just don’t. It is my time to disconnect from the world, tune-in to my own body and just listen and move in whatever way feels good and right. I flail my arms in public, make absurd noises, sing, dance, climb trees, play with imaginary basketballs, roll down hills, cry, laugh, I go as hard or as light as my body wants. To add to this physical fiasco that is me, I’m typically rocking old, never matching, raggedy yet heavily adored attire. #ZFG

When it comes to exercise, I have decided that concern or care of others judgment is the first layer of our fascia. (If you don’t know what fascia is, look it up, it will be life changing in understanding your body) When we are concerned if we look cool when we’re exercising (or ever) while yes, it is still good for you, you’re not getting the FULL benefits from it. You’re holding back, holding your breath and forcing a pose for the look of it, not what feels right in your body. Even more, you’re disconnecting mind from body when we all know they work best together. (It’s science – read it, know it, love it)

Take the concept and run with it, it can be applied however you’d like. Just keep in mind Rule #2 – Grace and tact in all situations and of course, the universal golden rule of treating others the way you would like to be treated. And then, just let it all go, man… Zero. Fucks. Given.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Rule #1 – Zero Fucks Given”

  1. Love it. Love how we are connected while miles apart. Needed this today. Exactly right. Exactly what I was thinking. Exactly what I needed to hear/read. You speak to my soul. Keep on keeping on my soul sister. Thank you. XO

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