Self-Care for Your Child: Ideas for Better Wellbeing

Self-Care for Your Child: Ideas for Better Wellbeing

By: Anya Willis, founder of FitKids

Just like adults, children need their own self-care in order to maintain their well-being.
As a guardian, it’s your responsibility to make sure your child is taking care of
themselves from the outside in. You can help them by being a role model of self-care
and incorporating CBD from Lichen Livin into your routine. Additionally, you can
encourage them to write, practice gratitude, and play with their pet(s).

Be a Self-Care Role Model

Your kids watch you very carefully and model their behavior after yours. This means
that if you practice self-care, they’re more likely to as well. Practice deep breathing
when you have a moment of frustration, take time to meditate each day, and when you
have a really rough day, try something extra fun like having a dance party in the living
room. It’s healthy for kids to see you blow off steam in a healthy (and fun!) way. Though
your work schedule may be hectic, commit to being home for bedtime every night. This
illustrates that you prioritize family time, even when things are busy. It also gives you a
chance to chat before sleep, creating a safe environment for your child to share with


Writing is a great way for kids to get out their thoughts and feelings, and writing even a
single word a day can be helpful. For instance, if your child is feeling angry, they can
just write, “mad.” Encourage this practice by dedicating time to writing and joining in.
Remember, you must model the activities you want to see. If your child says they don’t
know what to write about, try one of these prompts from Parents Magazine. They can
write stories, jokes, riddles, questions, or anything else that’s on their mind. Kick off the
fun by letting them choose their own notebook and helping them decorate it.

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a great way for kids to learn to appreciate the little things. In
addition to modeling the behavior, make a point to ask your child what they’re grateful
for every day. As they get used to the practice, prompt them to note whether or not they
were grateful for a certain moment, event, or person. Some suggestions on
incorporating gratitude into your child’s daily life include:
● Listing all the things they love during a car ride
● Sharing one great thing from their day at dinner
● Sharing 3-5 things you appreciate about each other at bedtime
Gratitude is healthy for everyone, so get the entire family on board, especially your

Using CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is still being studied for use in children, but many parents find it
helpful. Healthline explains that CBD may help reduce anxiety in kids. Anecdotal
evidence has shown it could also help with sleep issues and attention problems. It
comes in various forms, including oils and gummies. Some forms may work better than
others. Consult your pediatrician before starting CBD treatment. Be sure it’s stored
somewhere out of your child’s reach so you can always monitor their consumption.

Playing With Animals

You probably won’t have to try hard with this one! Encourage your child to get in some
playtime with their pet(s) daily. Spending time with pets has been shown to reduce
blood pressure, regulate breathing, slow heart rate, and relieve muscle tension. This
means that it can relax your child even if they aren’t especially stressed. It also keeps

them more active; playing tag or fetch in the backyard, for example. If you don’t have a
pet, try going to a local dog park. (Make sure to ask owners before you pet!)
Self-care for kids can sometimes be overlooked, much to the detriment of the child.
Don’t let it slip through the cracks. Be a role model and research CBD to see if it’s right
for your family. Encourage your kid(s) to write, practice gratitude, and play with their
pets and watch them learn the value of self-care.

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