Hi, my name is Corrie Brown. I’m the owner and primary operator of Lichen Livin LLC and LICHEN co. Both entities have been created as a platform for me to live my best life. Inspiring my fellow human to find health and healing through a natural and preventative lifestyle approach is my greatest happiness!

It occurred to me in 2012 that inspiring people towards healthy habits is one of my greatest natural gifts AND it feeds my soul. So I decided to pursue a career around it. #symbioticliving

The people I help are looking to implement natural and sustainable solutions to their every day habits. 

I believe foundation is everything. A lifestyle that works with and for you is built on mindset, discipline, and most importantly respect and love for yourself. 

I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012 where I learned a ton about different diets and how small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. In 2017 I interned with the Colorado Hemp Institute where I lived and worked on an organic hemp farm. I learned a ton about hemp/cannabis as well as other plant medicine and how they work naturally with our bodies to promote healing. 2019 I earned my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification and learned a ton about the anatomy and alignment of the body as well as the science and methodology of connecting mind, body and spirit. My non-formal training, however, has probably been the largest contributor to my knowledge and experience in natural and preventative living. While on scholarship in 2006 I fractured my spine playing college basketball. The healing journey of that experience has left an unwavering faith in the power of self-healing and has led me to the lifestyle I lead and work I do today.

$60.00 for initial consultation. $25.00 per hour after that.

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