When diet and exercise is not working, when you feel like your life is a constant rat race that isn’t even satisfying, when you are in pain, grieving, feel stuck, depressed, or unenthusiastic about your life, THIS is when you need a helping hand. And that is exactly what I am here for!

My sessions are designed to change your mindset to allow peace, comfort, and satisfaction into your life. We will take a look at all 12 of your lifestyle elements and figure out together how we can stimulate a positive energy flow that will eventually grow and carry you through life without effort.

If we have not met before I do require an initial consultation to make sure us working together is a good fit for both parties. This is free of charge and typically takes place at a local coffee shop or park. For my long distance folks, a scheduled phone call will do.

All sessions are a flat rate of $50.00



aromatherapy lifestyle shift lichen livinIncludes all 8 sessions at a discounted commitment rate along with member discounts on products from our wellness shop.

The end goal of this two month lifestyle program is to set the groundwork for you to smoothly adopt a healthy and supportive lifestyle. Yes, “adopt” as in take in and embrace as your own. The journey is your own and only you are able to make the choices that your inner wisdom advises. Our program starts off by acknowledging your health history & evaluating your current circumstance. A total of eight one on one sessions each focused on a different lifestyle element is included in your lifestyle shift program. Supportive activities will be scheduled and implemented to help you stay on track between sessions along with the option of adding sessions. You will have ‘anytime’ support via phone and email, along with member discounts on supportive products through our online wellness shop.



plants self love and healing lichen livinIt is important to start our journey off in your private home kitchen. At the heart of a balanced lifestyle is a balanced home. You should expect this to be very casual, yet very focused conversation. We will provide some simple activities to assist in recognizing your lifestyle strengths and weaknesses, and gain a clear vision of your current circumstance. Your pantry and refrigerator will be investigated in the name of education. Sorting through the foods and beverages you currently have on hand and acknowledging why they are positive or negative choices for you is a very purposeful and personal approach to assuring the education of the activity sticks with you. We ask that you do very little to prep for this session, it is valuable for us to jump in right where you are to gain a fair and honest assessment.



cucumber lichen livin grocery store bootcamp

This session takes place at your local grocery store. We will tour your neighborhood market and navigate your grocery cart to truly healthy choices that are right for your unique body and taste buds. This session will set you up for a week of healthy eating success. By the time we check out you will have earned your grocery store masters.

– nutrition label reading 101
– produce quality checking certification
– marketing ploy identification training
– all the fresh staples you will need for the week



yoga art lichen livinPerhaps the most important connection we ever make in life. The mind-body connection is often referenced in modern medicine thanks to a growing awareness that our mind affects our health, and is increasingly being acknowledged as a key, contributing factor in maintaining health, as well as in healing illness. The mind-body connection simply refers to the interrelatedness of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and that they can play a starring role in the evolution of painful symptoms and disease in the body. For the necessity of a quiet, comfortable setting this session takes place in your home. You will be provided with an education and implementation structure for you to easily incorporate the best mindfulness practices for your unique self.



Self love is everything. While our entire program is centered around self love and healing, this specific session address the daily aches and pains you endure. Scientifically proven, natural products such as CBD (Cannabidiol) and essential oils will be used in guided self massage influencing healthy lymph and blood flow. This session will be guided by your individual needs and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on the days ahead.



home flow and balance lichen livinEnvironment is the largest overlooked element in an overall healthy lifestyle. Our environments are often responsible for the subtle yet significant changes (or lack of change) we see over time. Studies have shown that a healthy and pleasing environment (inspiring colors, plants in your office, or a treasured photograph on the wall) can do more than simply improve your mood, it can actually affect your immune system and physical health. Primarily using the principles of feng shui, we will asses the flow and harmony of your personal home or office space. Simple improvements are encouraged to be made that day, while a plan to address more complicated changes will be created.



Food is fuel, and setting yourself up for success is a MUST. With foods you have on-hand, or food we bring based on your preferences and goals, we will roll our sleeves back together and cook up 3 -6 dishes that complement one another and can be eaten throughout the week as convenient, healthy and nourishing meals & snacks.

This session pairs very well with our Grocery Store Bootcamp session, as fresh staples for the week are necessary to prep with.

(pricing varies with this session)



Movement is key and absolutely necessary for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Gyms can be intimidating and stuffy while self motivation can be elusive. This session is individualized to YOU. The goal is to first get you moving in ergonomically correct ways to preserve the body, and then build up to a regular movement routine that works for you. Taking into account your preferences, abilities, schedule, and goals we will put into place daily movements to keep joints happy, muscles firm, and heart strong.



Putting in time to create balance within your lifestyle and having the courage to walk the road of self actualization and healing can be a very confusing and emotional ride. This is the last session of our Lifestyle Shift Program but can be scheduled anytime it is needed. A one on one session gives you the floor to communicate anything unsettling or remarkable that has come up throughout your journey.  You will be encouraged to express areas of struggle & ease, share and remark on any breakthrough moments you have had, describe different moods, cravings, behaviors or thoughts you have been experiencing. By speaking and reflecting your truth it builds a platform to build upon.