Where we’re at with COVID19


Where we’re at with COVID19 – A letter from our founder.

Wow, what a wild ride the last 8 weeks have been. I genuinely hope this note finds you in an abundance of peace and good health. Despite my very best attempts to remain grounded and focused on the positive in all this COVID mess, I have straight up lost my shit a few times. I’m not even sorry or ashamed about it. Aside from obvious health concerns and inconveniences we all share amidst a global pandemic; My small business, along with so many others is bleeding, my heart is breaking for the sick and unemployed, our president, to be as gentle as I can stand to be, is overwhelmingly disappointing and terrifying and for the first time in a very long time I’m finding myself battling depression and chronic body pain.

I wish I could have pulled my thoughts together sooner, but here we are. I have taken the very necessary space and time to feel all the feels and begin to wrap my head around our current global situation and the work that lies ahead for all of us. Let’s be real, nothing is fully conceptualized with so many unknowns floating around out there, but a clear path has been illuminated and I’m ready to walk it.

The path I see so clearly through all of this chaos is one of truth. I am certain beyond a shadow of doubt, there is a spiritual awakening happening as you read this. Our nation has been shaken to it’s core and we are waking up. Not only to the shortcomings of our healthcare system or the corruption and greed that has and continues to guide our global leadership and economy. Most importantly, we are waking up to our own individual TRUTHS! With such blatant and undeniable fuckery reported daily, even the most close-minded of us are beginning to questions how things actually work around here. We are finally, as the conscious collective, beginning to connect the dots and recognize historic patterns. It is within our power to keep old unsatisfactory patterns alive or move the dots. I’m moving the dots.

“Your comfort zone will kill you”. One of my favorite quotes. I believe it to my core. I’m very sure we could all come up with a handful of things we can improve upon, but don’t, because we are comfortable with where we are at. Don’t feel bad, I’m guilty too. It’s human nature, path of least resistance, man. Both my personal and professional comfort zones have become less cozy and I am grateful.

Lichen Livin LLC was created to inspire natural and preventative lifestyles. While engaged in this work, I fell deeply in love with the hemp plant, moved to an organic hemp farm cooperative, started a CBD product line and here we are three years later. While I am SO grateful and blown away by where passion can take you, I never meant my life to be completely about hemp and CBD products. As much as I full-heartedly believe in our products, I do not believe that any one substance or even a combination of substances will make anyone sustainably healthy and happy. I want, I NEED to do more!

Here is my truth – Staying within my CBD/hemp world has become comfortable and time consuming so I have just been carrying on. I knowingly have ignored the call to expand beyond CBD for too long. No more. I can do more, so I must do more. I’ve taken a few hits to the face, a little bruised but I’m still standing, feeling strong and ready to punch back. On the other side of fear, anxiety and depression is unmatched gratitude for being shaken free of comforts’ death grip and reminded of my purest truth and purpose.

Here is what all of this means for YOU. While the Lichen Livin Full Spectrum Organic CBD products that you know and love will continue to serve all your CBD needs, we are expanding our offerings to better support your sustained health, healing and happiness! Classes, seminars, events, tools, membership, ALL THINGS NATURAL AND PREVENTATIVE HEALTH AND HEALING are on their way to your virtual doorstep! Our goal is to provide you with every resource needed to support and guide both your physical and spiritual health to new heights! We hope you are as excited as we are!

You can best keep up with us and what’s new on our social media pages and/or signing up for our newsletter! We have some worthwhile promotions supporting our front-line and essential worker going on as well as discounted membership and gift card options! Check out the links below!

May you find peace and with grace, allow this pandemic to rock you out of your comfort zone and into your deepest truth and purpose, my friends.


Much love and gratitude,

Corrie Brown

















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