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  • “My husband and I recently adopted a second rescue cat – actually a kitten, despite saying we weren’t going to adopt a kitten because we’re older and kittens are crazy. But our little boy stole our heart and is wonderful company for our other rescue. Our kitten recently entered his early-teen (in cat years) stage and started ‘crazy night stalking’ and disrupting our sleep, so I put a little Lichen Livin’ CBD oil on a couple of his cat treats and tada…sleep returned for all! He now looks forward to his nightly treats and I cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to sleep at night, again. TY Lichen Livin” – Pat B.
  • I just had to tell you, we recently lost our 19-year-old calico – and her last three years were sooo much better because of your CBD drops. She went from being stiff and unable to clean herself to being spry and beautifully groomed (a sure sign of health in a cat). Thank you for those last healthy years with her. Forever grateful. – TaMara
  • “WOW! Thank you so much for such amazing products! I am using the Deep Comfort sample on my neck right now and LOVE IT! I will have to order some asap!! I used the Joint Venture last night, and will use it again today (so far so good)! Also, I tried the Godfather and really liked it too! I am so thankful I found your site. :)” Jen C.
  • “Just wanted to to give review of the Joint Venture Cream. The cream was shipped out to me immediately and I received it 2 days after placing my order. Impressive!!! I started using it immediately. I have arthritis in both knees and this is my third CBD cream I’m trying. My daughter also has just recently tried your cream and said it’s amazing how well it works. I too am amazed! Not saying my arthritis is gone but the fact that I get enough relief to start walking again the same week I started your cream is truly amazing!!! I’m going to give my mother some for her back. She recently fell and has been in so much pain. The fall triggered her arthritis in her back. I’m hopeful that your cream will work for her as well and will be ordering her some too! As I said this is my third CBD cream I have tried and by far the best!!! Thank you so much for your products.”  – Deb.
  • “Great products! We LOVE the salve. Just purchased another for ourselves, although we still have one half full. We’ve used it about 4 times a week ( between the three of us) since I received it as a gift for Christmas, and there’s still plenty left! I just don’t want to run out. We also are purchasing one for a friend who is a tree farmer, a big tough guy who has loads of aches and pains from his hard work. I’ll comment again after he tries it. Thanks Corrie!” – Jeannine H.
  • “I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much your products are helping me. I have a rare genetic form of ataxia, which is a neurological movement disorder. I am struggling with falling and suffering from severe nerve pain. My friend suggested I order the salve and it has helped me so much. My doctor at Johns Hopkins said that because I was in so much pain, I could use the CBD oil. It is to arrive on Monday, I am excited.
    I just wanted you to know how much you are helping me, thank you so much” – Lindsey G.
  • “My daughter recommended the Lady Jane Dog treats to me. My 11 year old Puggle, named Lady Jane, loves the Lady Jane treats! She has always been an anxious dog and suffers from chronic joint pain as well. Since I have been giving her the treats she is much calmer and can move around with greater ease. She continues to bark at anything that moves outside but calms down immediately unlike in the past where she would bark incessantly. I have seen a huge improvement in both her physical and emotional state. Life is much better for her and she looks forward to her daily treat. I also purchased the CBD oil and the deep comfort menthol salve for myself and have seen an improvement with my lower back pain issues. Thank you so much!” Colleen C.
  • “Where do I begin… First of all thank you for educating me on cbd and the benefits it offer’s. I sometimes have anxiety & stress from working over 40 hours a week and being a single parent of 2. I also am on my feet all day. 6 years ago i went through a complete knee surgery(ACL, fractured tibia and meniscus was gone). I use the full spectrum solution sunflower oil at night. Not only do I sleep better i wake up with less anxiety,stress, and muscle aches. I also use the deep comfort menthol salve that works immediately when i can feel a headache attempting to ruin my day. I rub it on my temples. I can’t wait to try your new face serum because I currently rub one drop of the sunflower oil at night under both eyes. Corrie definitely has a passion and contagious positive energy for what she does and it truly shines when you talk to her. Thank You again for all that you do!!!!!” – Katie H.
  • “Lady Jane Dog Treats work wonders. I have a 9 year old boxer/Rhodesian ridgeback mix (about 65 lbs) that has very bad back legs for the past 6 years. She had a difficult time climbing the stairs and more times than not she would have be carried up. Vets could never tell me what was wrong and would recommend less activity, thanks for the no help there. I attended Corries CBD Educational Seminar in July of 2019 and what a game changer! I give my dog one heart shape treat a day and I could see a different within the first week. She is now climbing the stairs and jumping into the bed which has not happened in years. In addition, it calms her anxiety when driving in the car for long periods of time. I wish I used this product sooner, I am very thankful for the Lady Jane Dog Treats!” – Sarah A.
  • “I have two lab mixes. Each weigh in right around 50 lbs. They have terrible thunderstorm related anxiety. On the advice of my vet, I decided to try CBD products for them. I asked a good friend who uses them for her Great Danes. She recommended you all. I’m using the chews/treats because they are most convenient for me. I’m giving each of them one a day and it has helped. It has also helped the younger one’s guarding anxiety towards me. She still barks at people, but she’ll now let them pet her and give her attention. The original order was a month’s worth to see how they worked. I had excellent results within 24 hours.” – A.S.
  • “Well we’re a fan & costumer! I found Corrie through social media & read bout her passion & how it all goes down on the farm! Ordered the oil & some cream for my 84 year old Mother – Rock -n-roll sista we’re loving life! Thank you thank you thank you. Ya’ll need her in your life .Until next time, peace.” – Jeannie E.
  • “Hi Corrie, I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come into the salon and educate everyone on CBD. There was so much positive feedback given to me about you and your product. We are all so excited to welcome your line into our Gallipott family! Thank you again!” – Jacelyn
  • “Lichen Livin’s CBD oil products are incredible. About a month ago, I learned that the Bean Cycle coffee shop here in town served CBD in their drinks and I had been wanting to try it for some time. Since the first green tea that I ordered there the ‘The Godfather’ CBD oil in it, I have been hooked! Every weekend I have been buying tea with CBD oil and it makes me feel so much less anxious and connected to my body. For about a year, I have been struggling with depression and anxiety and I can honestly say that after using Lichen Living’s CBD oil, my body has been able to relax and realign. My conversations flow more easily and I can be much more present with the people around me. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, organic, tested, and CO-grown product.” – Katherine V.
  • “Lichen Livin’ has an awesome list of CBD products – I bought them for christmas presents and they arrived quickly and beautifully wrapped. Corrie responded to me so quickly and with great care. Not only are the products high quality and full spectrum they are packaged zero waste! Which is awesome! I highly recommend Lichen Livin and their beautiful products!” – 
  • “Dear Corrie, I have enjoyed this product. It’s time to reorder.
    I see you have a new website!! I’m very excited for you!
    I just wanted to say thank you again. I love that your
    product tastes very mild, usually tasteless.
    Take care and Keep up the good work!
    Sincerely Grateful, Lisa S.”
  • “Lichen Livin CBD has benefited my physical and mental state tremendously. I suffer from nerve pain due to muscle tension from repetitive motion in my shoulders arms and hands. After visiting several doctors to try to figure out how to ease my pain, I became very frustrated in the “solution” of the doctors prescribing me pharmaceutical pain medication. I knew that wasn’t a solution and I did not want to mask my symptoms or put a foreign substance into my body that would cause other side effects.
    Then I met Corrie at Lichen Living. Corrie listened to my problems and truly cared about reducing my symptoms. She suggested a CBD regimen to try and since I started the regimen my pain has reduced drastically. I feel calmer, more relaxed and all around happier. Thank you Lichen Livin!” – Lauren A.
  • “I use the oil (the solution 1000mg) twice per round (golf) Helps me focus and stay calm throughout the round. Keeps my mind relaxed in a sense. I use the menthol salve for my tennis elbow,  it is awesome for that. I apply it before my round and it lasts the entirety of the it no problem!” – Jordan K.
  •  “I absolutely love the product. I can tell a huge difference in the quality vs. What’s I have bought here in Illinois. The flavor is also really good. I like it so well I have recommended you to a lot of people. Thanks so much” – Cyndel M.
  • “Last night a migraine was coming on. I reached for the prescription shot to abort it when I remembered that the CBD oil had given me the same relief as the shot in the past. I don’t care for using shots if I don’t have to. I made my “magic milk.” It’s warmed nut milk with chocolate and a serving of oil. I never microwave the oil, only stir it in after the milk is warmed. While it was warming, I put 1/8 tsp under my tongue. Very soon after finishing off the magic milk my headache threat was gone. I was super happy!! NO shot and NO headache!! If this were the only time that the oil had provided relief, it would have been worth it. It’s not. This has helped many times in the past. The cost of $1.00 per serving is fabulous! Very economical and NO SHOT!! YAY! My first purchase was in February this year.
    I’m thrilled to have found your product while at The Laughing Goat in Colorado. I’m even more thrilled to have access to it here at home. Thank you!” – Lisa S.
  • “Thanks for creating this, it’s a great product!” Dei S.
  • “We had an awesome experience working with Lichen Livin! I purchased “The Solution” (1000mg) in the hopes that it would help my insomniac husband and after about a week of using it before bed he’s sold! He’s normally up in the middle of the night for an hour or two, but since he’s been using this he literally sleeps through the night. He only uses it before bed right now, but we also have the body salve stick and he asks me to rub that in his sore neck all the time.We will definitely be repeat buyers…all of our questions were quickly answered and it was very low pressure, plus our order came in like 2 days after we purchased with some extra goodies in the box. I highly recommend Lichen Livin!” – Megan P.
  • “I would highly recommend listening to Corrie’s presentation on the health benefits of her products. She truly is passionate about what she does and delivers a fun, interesting, and informative lesson. Also I truly appreciated the “no pressure” sales pitch. A+++” – Chris S.
  • “Thank you so much.  Received shipment today. Rheumatologist and Neurosurgeon were both accepting of me trying CBD oil. 30 minutes after trying .5ml of sample you sent, I felt better. Amazing!!!” – Linda M.  *Note from Linda before ordering – “I have severe inflammatory arthritis rapidly damaging joints. 6 surgeries in past 14 mos. Is this the right product for me (The Solution) or something stronger?”
  • “Hi! I am an avid user of your CBD oil. Love it. I trust your products so much.” – Stephanie V.
  • “Corrie has a passion for helping others. She is a sponge for learning and loves sharing her expansive knowledge of CBD and it’s benefits with her clients and even new friends at the local watering hole. 🙂  Lichen Livin’ is for anyone looking to bring health and balance into their life. I use the coconut oil on a recent bike injury and it has been helping reduce the scarring. Thanks for all the help, Corrie” – Robert H.
  • “I would like to place another order of the 500 mg tincture.   It has made a significant difference in pain associated with arthritis!” – Lydia O.
  • “I love your products. I don’t know how I could function without them. Thank you” – James S.
  • “This is my 2nd time of ordering, The Solution has really helped my joint pain and given me a little more sleep.” – Tina J.
  • “I do not even know where to start. I had run out of my natural meds (CBD oil)  3-4 days before I received my care package from Lichen Livin and had a major atonic seizure bc of poor planning on my part, suffering from major seizure, a nice headache and black eye. However, I’m quickly reminded, once more, of the superior quality of the oil I use for multiple symptoms and why I use Full Spectrum. As soon as I took my first dose of Lichen Livin’s product during my second seizure it stopped almost immediately. That’s just the seizure end of my woes. Yesterday, I was admitted to the er due to severe gi issues that they found out to be a freak infection possibly from traveling. I was in agony for 3 days. 300 mg tramol iv and 300mg oral. Nothing but pain. So it dawned on me to use the CBD tincture oil and it was again almost instant relief. Within 5-10 minutes my pain was gone and I was finally able to sleep. While I know cbd did not cure my infection I do know its anti-inflammatory properties were and are hard at work. I’ve since used it on my knee that I busted, my chronic back pain and arthritis in my wrist. I haven’t been pain free since I was 15 years old. I am now pain-free! Corrie, your product is brilliant, you are a brilliant, a great new friend, and my husband I thank you again for helping me improve my life in a healthy and caring way and to have you in our lives has changed our lives in such a meaningful way.
    Kindness and love,
  • “Hello, Corrie – You. Are. INSPIRING! … I simply admire what you’re doing… I’m halfway through my oil. I love it. I have it daily. For me, it helps with my anxiety and muscle inflammation – those are the two benefits I notice most.” – Britnee P.
  • “I am an avid user of your CBD oil. Love it. I trust your products so much…” – Stephanie V.
  • “Many thanks for your caring work and wonderful product!” – Lydia O.
  • “I used this CBD oil for menstrual cramps this week and it SAVED MY LIFE. I was feeling so fatigued and bloated until I started using it. Thank you so much!” – CeCe J.
  • “For me, the full spectrum oil has been absolutely amazing. I have epilepsy with 3 types of seizures. I was on a combination of pharmaceuticals that not only did not work consistently they also had terrible side effects. I switched to cbd oil from Lichen Livin and haven’t looked back. I’ve been seizure and migraine free for months. I am now trying the joint and soothing topical sticks, although most of these products are versatile and can be used in multiple ways. This product line is incredible and I’ll never switch. Furthermore, my consultant is extremely knowledgeable and helpful when helping you choose what is best for you. The product sells itself once you start taking it. All you have to do is ask for clarification on any product and you’ll be met with kindness and science.”  – Erin S.
  • “Both my husband and I use this and it has done wonders for my husbands pain. We will be customers for a long time. We are in the process of figuring out how low he can go without the pain returning as he started high instead of low. He was on strong nsaids from the doctor for years for back and hip pain that it never helped. He even added 2 doses of 2 arthritis strength tylenol to the mix and it did not help. I finally had him stop everything since it wasn’t helping and the nsaids were not suppose to be taken long term although the doctor kept him on them. The CBD oil does the trick for him. His pain is still a 3 but that he can handle and a far cry from the 7 or 8 he was living with. I can’t say it would work for everyone but it does seem to help us.” – Krys P.
  • “If I remember to take the solution twice a day it has helped a lot for my pain. Thanks so much!!  The deep comfort stick works well when my calf muscles tighten up.  I saw my orth PA today he looked at me like I was growing 3 horns out of the top of my head when I told him about your products I was using. Will be looking for a more open minded PA/Ortho team with dealing with my post polio syndrome. I need someone open minded & willing to treat with natural remedies.  Thanks again for your time & support. ” – Marlene K.
  • “I’m loving the CBD oil. I’m taking it morning and night and I’m feeling great. I notice a huge difference in my stress level and anxiety when I take it.” – Melissa S.
  • “Hi, my name is Terri. I have been using full spectrum cbd oil for a few months now. My husband had a cat scan in January ,they saw four spots on his lung they were about the size of a freckle. Well me being me, I’ve had lung cancer and the upper lobe removed I was totally Freaked ! I didn’t want him to go through that. I did some research and everything that I read said cbd oil helped. Me believing in the power of Essential oils curing things And they have but that’s another story. I read up about it, and did some research into lichen livin. My cousins best friends daughter sells it. So I felt like it was a sign that I should contact her so I did and she recommended the oil that I use. Well it is now June and we just had a cat scan done, Hello……No Spots! Cat scan was clear….. I am recommending that anyone that is worrying and looking for natural cures to check out these oils! I highly recommend Corrie Brown…… I will continue giving both my husband and I these oils. Thank you for listening and hopefully sharing in my Happiness of the spotless catscan…..” – Terri P.
  • “Your shit is like gold!” – Michelle G.
  • ” Yeah, I like it especially at night before bed then my back pain is pretty much gone and I sleep the whole night. I take it before I go golfing and anything active so I feel lose”  – Jake P.
  • “Alright it’s been a few weeks since I started taking the CBD oil. I am a migraine sufferer. I get them 3 to 4 times a month. Was on so many different meds to help the problem but it was just causing more problems. I tried the CBD oil and amazing results when I feel one coming on i grab the oil and sometimes it takes two drops under my tongue sometimes it takes 5. But it helps so so so much. So thank you!!! I’ve told so many people about it some people look at me like I’m crazy others believe me. So keep on making kick ass products.”        – JoAnna H.
  • Lichen Livin has been life-changing. Corrie is so knowledgeable about CBD (she even worked on the organic farm it comes from!) and it’s important to me to know where the products I use come from and are high quality. The 2500 mg CBD oil is an awesome deal – the higher potency means I need less for my chronic pain (pinched and bulging discs in neck and back, arthritis in knee, carpal tunnel in wrist) and adult ADD. The salve stick is also amazing – I was doubtful a first but so glad I tried it. When you rub a little bit on a problem area (tight neck after work for example) it almost instantly kicks in. I even find I don’t need to eat my usual bit of oil at night, which is awesome!I give my chihuahua a tiny bit of oil or some of the Lady Jane’s treats pretty frequently too – she’s a bit anxious and I notice the difference immediately when she has some CBD. Especially if I know we’re going to be around a lot of people or doing something news, it really helps.Finally, Corrie always responds super promptly and follows up with me which is great – you can tell she wants you to feel better and find her products valuable. Highly recommend her and her products!  – Kelley B.
  • “I have tried the safflower tincture, coconut oil (several different levels of CBD), and the deep comfort salve stick. I love all of the products. I suffer from chronic back pain due to scoliosis which causes problems for me both while working (at a computer all day) and when I’m trying to sleep. The salve stick has really helped me alleviate the pain. The safflower tincture and the coconut oil products both help me calm down after a rough day from work or help me get to sleep at night. I can’t really put my finger on exactly what it does for me, but I know I feel less hectic after taking just a little 5mg dosage. I would recommend these products to any of my friends or family. Added bonus – Corrie is an amazing human being and also a pleasure to do business with. Thank you, Corrie!” – Jillian G.
  • “Lichen Livin’ and Corrie Brown are both guaranteed to make your day. Corrie’s positivity is contagious and her creativity and dedication to her vision is apparent. Lichen Livin’s CBD products have become a staple in not only my life but also my husband’s AND our doggos. Incorporating the CBD oil into my pre-run regimen has been a game changer – I’m noticeably more engaged with my surroundings and my body. AND after my runs when my joints are aching I turn to my trusty salve stick. But mostly what I love about the Lichen Livin’ Lifestyle is that it reminds me to live my best life and choose happiness.” – Jill F.
  • “Omg THESE are the BEST ! Thank you Corrie !!!!” – Izzak (body salve)
  • Such great products! Love mixing it with my coffee in the morning! – Pam (coconut oil & safflower oil product)
  • “I have a knot in my shoulder so bad!!!!! And that helped! I mean I haven’t been able to move all day! And Tony put it on my back and 5 min later it was a relief” – Anna (deep comfort body salve)
  • “Corrie Brown at Lichen Livin’ has been a great resource for high quality CBD products. She continues to be super helpful and informative when it comes to describing her great line of CBD products. She is always willing to help and seems to go the extra mile for her clients. Corrie actually personally invited us to the farm to watch first hand how the CBD plants are raised. We ended up volunteering for the day and had a blast. Thanks Corrie for giving us our first “Farm to Table” CBD experience. Looking forward to all your new CBD products (trying the CBD dog treats next).
    PS The Coconut CBD Oil is our favorite :)”  – Iliah (coconut oil product)
  • “Hey Corrie! We loved having you speak, everyone really enjoyed your presentation!” – Megan (events)
  • “I really like it – makes me feel like I took 800mg ibuprofen and a little Xanax!” – Keri (coconut oil product)
  • “I met Corrie on Small Business Saturday and was introduced to her CBD products. She explained the purity and the quality of the product and mentioned that they had dog treats, Suzie’s CBD Treats. My dog, Belle, is an English Mastiff and she is almost 10. She is a rescue and has severe hip dysplasia, arthritis, and muscle atrophy. I have worked in the vet industry for over 5 years and she has been on several drugs that have made her sick or are very expensive. I tried these treats and I IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference in her attitude, gait, and overall disposition. She is even trying to jump on the bed! I have also used these treats with foster dogs with anxiety. They apple and pumpkin flavors are both a big hit. I keep them in stock no matter what! Thank you for helping my fur baby!” – Rachael (dog treats)
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