Thank you for ONE year of business!!

Thank you for ONE year of business!

Self-employed for ONE YEAR already!? Feels like 6 months. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the support and encouragement these past 12 months, guys! Holy moly, I live such a charmed life. It is truly incredible. The more I trust myself, listen to my intuition and stand for and work towards what I believe in the more charming life gets. This past year I have had the opportunity to help other folks welcome that same charming romance with the universe into their reality. Being able to do that ignites my soul and I can’t stop. wont stop.

There have been highs and lows for sure! Overall I am really happy, grateful and proud of what I have accomplished thus far and F’ing PUMPED for what this next year has in-store! While I’ve been hustling and movin’ and shakin’, there remains a looming handful of things that have been on the to-do list for FAR too long. I am re-committing to these “to-do’s” and I WILL do better in this second year of business! Here are a few things you can expect from Lichen Livin in the months to come.

  • Membership opportunities.
  • Newsletters. Sign up here!
  • Collaborations with charities and worthwhile causes.
  • Greater focus on the service side of Lichen Livin.
  • More events and community involvement.
  • Making the website more user friendly.
  • Consistent blog posts.
  • Spice up social media a bit.
  • Consistently awesome products and customer service.
  • Maintaining focus on education and preventative care.
  • More collaboration with other natural wellness professionals.

This summer I am committed to maintaining and growing my business while traveling across the country in my new (old) van! I will be making lot’s of stops from Colorado all the way to Maine in the name of education. I have set up a number of events along my path to educate others on the benefits of CBD, hemp, and medicinal cannabis. I will also be gaining my own hands on education by stopping in and volunteering with different hemp and organic produce farms across the country. My intention for this is to learn different growing techniques, soil compositions, and farm management in preparation for the Lichen Livin WELLNESS FARM coming next year! I do still have some space on my itinerary so if you are interested in setting up a CBD educational event or have a farm that could use some volunteer hands, get at me here! 

I really can’t seem to get over how fortunate and blessed I am to have the support and encouragement of what started as just my close friends and family and in just one year extended to new friends I have never met across the country. THANK YOU ALL so much for finding value in the work that I have committed my life to. This business and the work I am doing means everything to me and I am just so overwhelmingly grateful that taking the risk of setting out on this journey is working out. There is no other option than to continuing down this path and am certain that both myself and Lichen Livin will only get better with time, so stay tuned!

Annddd I will leave you with a little wisdom, a few of my favorite pictures from this past year and ALL of my love.

– Corrie




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  1. Theresa Walker

    Hi, Your Mom told me about your work when I met her in Detroit at a conference last year. I just spoke with her on messenger and hope to talk to her soon. In the mean time I am interested in obtaining some Oil from you as I believe it will be helpful to me. Where can I obtain more info on this? Let me know what you need from me to make this happen.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. You can private message me on messenger or send to my e-mail.

    Theresa Walker

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