Wake up! Challenge the norm!

Wake up! Challenge the norm!

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” I believe capturing the power of our own mind is what we should all be striving for.

Whats even greater than the mind though, is our whole energetic being working together in alignment with the universal energy we all share. The pure unharnessed potential of connecting and aligning mind, body and spirit to the energy of the earth and the stars is limitless.

I think a lot of us are waking up. We are waking up to the fact that our old ways are not working for us any longer. Modern American social norms and lifestyles are not conducive or sustainable for the human condition or our beloved Mother Earth. Our over consuming, sedentary, pill-popping, disposable, workaholic, materialistic and greedy culture we breed is working against us. I know it seemed really cool and convenient when food became fast and cheap and plastics started replacing everything breakable, fertilizers started yielding massive harvest, and anything wrong with us could be fixed with a pill. But guess what, none of these things are cool in the long run, guys.

It’s not just because our oceans are filling up with plastics and toxic fertilizer run off, or because this cheap and fast food is leaving our bodies starved for actual nutrients, or because prescription drugs are only masking our real health issues and causing more. What is not cool, and the real danger here is that by living this lifestyle we further and further remove ourselves from nature and our own unique universal alignment, thus further away from our truest and highest potential.

We must “learn by unlearning”. To me, that little quote is a reminder to reconsider the way and the why of how I do things, it prompts me to question my habits and learned behaviors. The more I question and challenge these norms the easier I find it to leave them in the past. It takes work to relinquish the ego and not depend on the superficial gratification of the material and status quo world we exist in. It takes work and TIME to hold yourself accountable for your own health and well being. It takes courage to go against the norm and it takes character to do the right thing.

I have faith in your humanity. We can all be better, and we will! I challenge you all to be that person that inspires someone else to be better. If not because you genuinely care, do it knowing that energy is reciprocal and trust that someone will inspire you when you need it. It starts with one, it starts with you. It starts with mastering your own mind and being proud of your daily behaviors. Put in the work, it is necessary.

All my love,

Corrie Brown

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